Stone Cruz (Harlem, NY) – T.T.F.U.

Stone Cruz has been in the studio for a few months working on his debut LP “Voices”, and his first single off the album entitled T.T.F.U. or Turn The F*** Up is a trap club banger which was produced by Stone as well. So Stone and his team look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the music.

Born in New York City, the birthplace of Hip-Hop, Stone Cruz was determined to prove that he was unique and different from his peers. It wasn’t until Stone lost his uncle and father figure “Joseph Hunter” that he realized that music was his perfect escape and becoming a musician was his destiny.

Stone began crafting his music by writing rhymes anywhere and everywhere he went, and taking his musical inspirations from artists such as Charlie Wilson, Big Pun, Nas and many more to create his new unique sound. Being a fan of music all around and becoming a fan of genres from Hip-Hop & R&B to Alternative Rock & Country is what gives Stone his great variation in his music.

Over the years of working hard on his music Stone has been able to expand his following by performing at venues throughout Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, and South Dakota and working with multiple new artists such as Toki Wright, Monty Cold, Markus Blex, Middle Class Beats and more. Performing in multiple open mics, talent shows, and even an MMG endorsed showcase.

Since the start of his career Stone Cruz has released 2 collaborative mixtapes (The Inauguration & My Proclamation), 3 solo mixtapes, 2 EPs gaining attention from all over the country and even overseas. Stone is currently in the studio working on his 1st Self-Produced LP entitled “Voices” releasing summer 2014 with features from Dom Milli, Ian Everson, and Show Tufli.

Stone Cruz is WAY more than your average rapper & producer, he is a musician, designer, and entertainer.

“Who is Stone Cruz? Stone Cruz is Harlem, music, truth, love, hate, expression, and real but most of all Stone Cruz is a symbol that anyone can do what they love if they want it bad enough and music is what I’m dying for.”- Stone Cruz

Stone Cruz - T.T.F.U.
Stone Cruz – T.T.F.U.
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