YUNG DEUCE (Virginia) – "Get Right" ft. SPACE ///

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September 15 1988 one of Virginia’s newest Hip Hop artist Darryl Yung Deuce Hamlett was born in Newport News, Virginia. At a young age he showed a real interest in all music especially hip hop and r&b. Although at first music was not looked at as a career initially by Yung Deuce but just as something to be a creative outlet for him. Around the 7th grade at Davis Middle school he was introduced to freestyling after witnessing several of his classmates participate in a cypher. After being persuade by some of his friends Yung Deuce began to participate in these lunch room cyphers.
While building up his name as one the nicest rappers at the school, he and several other rappers formed the rap group the Young Boyz which consisted mostly of childhood friends. After working on and releasing their first group project the Young Boyz disbanded and all went their separate ways. At this point Yung Deuce takes a break from music because of lac kof progress in his career and the frustration of the Young Boyz breaking up.
With him off the scene he continued to work on perfecting his craft and honing his skills. Then one day a childhood friend brought Yung Deuce to Saint the founder of A Million Worth Ent. After freestyling for Saint, Yung Deuce was immediately placed in a new group Saint was forming called Young Commonwealth which consisted of two other AMW label mates 730 and Jay Tones. After recording a couple of songs the group later disbanded do to the legal issues with the label founder and other members of the group. Once again Yung Deuce parted ways with the music game this time due to the fact his first child was born.
With the birth of his son Yung Deuce had a decision to make be able to support his new born child or continue to live out a dream that wasn’t generating money. After a brief tour in the military Yung Deuce return back to Virginia and began to practice his old craft in the gates of Newport News Shipbuilding where daily freestyle session were held at work to past time. After getting a good response he began to take music serious again forming the group Team Ar$on with childhood friends and former Young Boyz members X-men and Phoenix. The group the immediately started working on their first project titled Team Ar$on Ent Presents: If Its Hot It Gotta Be Team Ar$on vol.1. While recording their first project the trio began performing at open mics receiving a good overall general response. But success was short lived due to issues within the group that caused the mixtape to be postponed.
With Team Arson falling apart Yung Deuce for first time started to pursue a solo career. Yung Deuce released The Lost Tapes May 10 2013 a unofficial ep digitally on datpiff and thatcrack received 1000+ views and 800+ downloads. With the buzz from The Lost Tape Yung Deuce began working on a official release titled The Prequel which is scheduled for release late 2013. Yung Deuce has began to work on the Team Ar$on project again but this time with new editions to the Team Ar$on Family JbM consisting of $pace and Oso Savage. Also add to the roster was Dash, Dj Easy B Da Monsta and frequent collaborator and childhood friend Milly Mcfly. With all members working on the group project and their individual solo projects certain songs started to stand out among others. They began leaking songs and freestyles gaining attention underground hip hop blogs like,, UGHHblog and various internet and local radio stations and national record pools. They are also coming off a performance for Bet’s new show The Celebrity Status placing number 20 out of 20 artist.







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