Planet Asia Shines In New Video “Take It Lightly” (Directed By Evidence)

Planet Asia is still pushing his latest album Rule of Thirds, and dropped another Evidence-directed video for “Take it Lightly.” There’s plenty of bars being supplied by the Gold Chain General, while Evidence makes a cameo.

Here’s what Evidence had to say about working with Planet Asia on this album:

“When it comes to rapping, some people are just meant for this shit from the jump.  Since I was younger, Asia’s always been one of the sharpest around. It’s no mystery.  Working with him at this full circle, evolutionary point of my career and watching our visions finally align is a blessing.  When we were in the studio, he trusted me with the beats, and I trusted him with the rhymes.  What you get is just two people putting their foot down, and not much filter past that.”

The lights of the city provide a backdrop for the music to be showcased at a contrasting rate. Peep it and leave a comment if you can see clearly now!

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Val C.

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