Dante Ryan – “Toxic Fool” EP (Album Review)

Dante Ryan the Berkeley, Ca native drops a melodic Ep titled “Toxic Fool”. The energy on this album is magical, the production keeps it all aligned for an instant classic. The melodies and smooth vocals strap you in for a lucid ride. The most unique quality of this album is each song is different which creates  a dynamic compilation for the listeners to grow with. Dante Ryan shows off his versatility by rapping & singing with only 2 other vocal artists featured on the entire EP.

The Ep starts off with “Toxic Fool” produced by Cj Knowles featuring Apex & David Marcus. The energy it sets prepares the listener for a smooth ride as you can hear the conviction in Dante Ryan’s voice as he effortlessly glides across the instrumental. The production of this EP is absolutely amazing from track to track, it’s easy to listen to and visualize each bar.

“Just For The Night”  produced by Bakery Burner , Drew Banga & Ohenry is very unique as the rhythm changes mid-song with a fast pace edm sound which makes it possible to transcend genres and rock festival events. The nature of this song is living for the moment and valuing your current experience. Dante Ryan is certainly  the top tier artist breaking into the scene in 2017, Ryan is signed to Empire Records and is ready to take the leap of faith in the music industry. The album continues with “Midnight in Paris” produced by Charles Nutrivore, this song creates ambient gold by tapping into the mind. Dante Ryan explains how he let go of fear and is now able to follow his dreams because losing is never an option. The son reminds the listener of a movie trailer, I can see this song being featured in a major motion picture, it’s sonically pleasing to the ears .

“Lift Off” produced by Cj Knowles does just that, it takes you to the point of ascension where your mind is out of orbit. The flow from the R&B and rap side makes this song come together cleverly. Dante Ryan is one of those rare talents you encounter every so often that can formulate good music and concepts flawlessly.  The last song on the album “I Want You Bae” (Outro) is a conceptual song as he places his dreams in Position of his true love and that’s the drive that keeps the young artist moving forward while under pressure. Recommended album for music lovers from all genres this is sure a Ep to capture your mind. Follow Dante Ryan on IG @thedanteryan Facebook & Twitter

Rating :9.5

Highlight: Uniqueness & Melodic

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