Horrorcore Veteran Insane Poetry is Still Killing the Game with “Violent Art” (Album Review)

This is the 9th full-length album from Los Angeles horrorcore pioneer Insane Poetry. Originally composed of 6 members members from 1988-2003, the named would be carried on solely by their Day 1 frontman Cyco ever since. But since 2010, he’s made himself quite at home with Lyrikal Snuff Productionz. Especially his last album Wicked Killagraphy a year & a half ago, which is already being followed up by Violent Art in light of The Generations of Snuff Tour.

“Museum Stabbing” is a soulfully produced opener thanks to the homie Dead Heat with Insane Poetry talking about how there’s no limits to this kind of art which I respectfully agree with to a certain extent, but then “I Wrote a Book About It” works in a misty boom bap instrumental telling the listeners what he did to leave them under the Earth or to make your jugular squirt. Donnie Menace tags along for “I Spent a Whole Summer” shoots for a more cinematic approach in terms of sound to talk about strategizing whereas the Cody Manson assisted “8 Weeks” returns to soul territory confessing they hear this woman’s voice in their head even after she’s been dead for that long.

As far as “On Demon Time” goes, we have Lex the Hex Master accompanying Cyco over a beat with some rock undertones to it to belittle their lyrical competition leading into M.M.M.F.D. spitting that wicked shit on “What’s the Body Count” returning to the boom bap. “Out the Cage” with Claas switches onto the trap lane talking about their killer instincts being let loose while the song “Who” takes a dustier route revealing himself to be the one who has everyone tuned in his art of violence. “Lay ‘Em Down” brings in some attracting piano melodies promising to body you where you stand & “Mask Down” is a soulful closer telling the wankstas that this isn’t their vacation.

LSP’s been on a ROLL this year now that Darby O’Trill dropped his Devereaux-produced 4th album Gully & even Cody Manson putting out his sophomore effort E=MC Skelter last Friday. Now that we have Violent Art, it’s an equally great follow-up to Wicked Killagraphy. I think his production choices are still continuing to improve & the performances from not only him, but every feature deliver some consistently murderous verses.

Score: 8/10

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