Jae Skeese Tells His Story on His Sophomore Album Albeit Drumwork Debut “Abolished Uncertainties” (Album Review)

This is the highly anticipated sophomore album from Buffalo emcee Jae Skeese. Getting his start off the strength of his his debut mixtape W.A.C.K. (Women, Alcohol, Cash & Kicks) in the fall of 2010, it wasn’t until a decade later where he & 7xvethegenius gained wide exposure as the very first signees to Conway the Machine’s very own EMPIRE Distribution imprint Drumwork Music Group. He & his mentor just dropped their collab EP Pain Provided Profit a couple weeks ago, so it’s only right for Jae to come off that & his classic Big Ghost Ltd.-produced 3rd EP Authenticity Check by finally dropping Abolished Uncertainties.

“RVLVR” sets things off with Jae showing you why they call him exactly just that over a soulful boom bap instrumental whereas “Million Dollar Dreamz” takes a more shrilling route working in some more kicks & snares talking about chasing a bag. “Bonneville” keeps it in the basement not wanting to no excuses whatsoever, but then Freeway tags along for the rugged “Out Here” letting their presence be known.

Meanwhile on “Burner Phone”, we have Jae with a story to tell over a soul sample & snares just before La Maquina himself slides through for the classy trap hit “Symmetry” as they talk about trying to find a balance in their lives. “Lunch Table” returns to the boom bap letting y’all in on the newest page of his odyssey leading into “1 of 1” blends jazz & soul touching on his uniqueness.

The final leg of the album starts with the 3rd installment of his “EKIN” trilogy that began on Revolver Ocelot & continued on Iroquois Pliskin by jumping on top of a victorious loop with some kicks & snares talking that talk while the song “Mind Right” has a more harmonious vibe to it as he discusses on mental health. The penultimate track “Red KoolAid” comes through with some flawless saxophones as Jae talks about being made different & “Auntie Crystal” has a cloudier approach to conclude the album with a dedication to his titular aunt.

He’s come a long way since his full-length debut in Search of Symmetry & if anything, the sophomore effort Abolished Uncertainties further proves that as I would call it his best album to date between both of them as the Drumwork takeover continues. The introspective story throughout is cohesive & well-told as his artistic growth in the past decade is being put up in full center.

Score: 8/10

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