KING RICH (Maryland) – "DutchMasters: The Purple Theory" (prod. by SUEDE MOCCASINS) ///

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Richard Dale was born on a Sunday morning in Fairfax, Virginia 1992 and was raised in the Washington Dc Metro area. He currently resides in Southern Maryland. Richard attended parochial school in his early years, in which he was active in sports and music. Richard interest in rapping peaked at the age of 16 as a sophomore attending Westlake High school. “The Young Scholarz” was the name of his first rap group made up of childhood friends in the neighborhood. Richard first project started in year 2008 called Young Scholarz Voll 2. It was a series of beats already made by well-known mainstream artist, such as Kanye West, Rick Ross, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, and Etcetera. He also started recording his first solo album “Bow Down” which released in the spring time of 2009. This album also contained a series of beats and rapped lyrics.

Richard worked with a couple of local artist and releasing features though the years of 2009 and 2010. First ever performance was a cipher at an open mic in Washington, D.C held at Durkl (men’s clothing store). In the summer of 2010 Richard and his friends decided to form a group called FADER which consist of a team of rappers, producers, artists, and clothing designers.

In 2011 Richard started working on his second project with Producers CJ the Genesis and Suede Moccasins called Bipolar which had features from 431, Rmell, Bean, Nicco Feem and Cj The Genesis and artwork by Mikey Mcfly and Jet. The album consists of a 16 track mp3 of different emotion, skits and feeling to each song. King Rich released a couple of singles off my Bipolar album between the months of April and June. The songs he released were Neptuno, Bon Appétit and High Class. King Rich second performance was at a showed out show presented by FGMG called “Trappers Delight” in the spring of 2012 at this store in D.C called Art Under pressure ( @ArtUndrPressure ) He performed a single off his Bipolar album with Cj The Genesis called Bon Appétit. King Rich dropped my sophomore project in July 2012. Which his team is promoting until present now. Now signed under Ceo SB ( @AlreadyKnow_SB ) and co-owner FLITE ( @Flite368 ) FeelGoodMusicGroup King Rich is expected to blow.

RD currently promoting his latest Album Purple Theory DutchMaster Produced by Suede Moccasins. The Purple Theory” really gives the listener a great perspective of Rich’s state of mind with his incredible art of storytelling. For this project, we wanted to give a mixture of nostalgia of the 1990’s, late 1960 psychedelic, and a little bit of flavor of today.

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