Threat (Miami, FL) – Threat Then And Now (1-TAKE MIXTAPE)


This may be the first time an artist has managed to maintain a street cred while openly professing his faith. Threat is like no other in regards to content, lyricism, style, versatility, and consistency. Threat tackles heavy subject matter (all pulled from real life experiences) and articulates them in such a way that inspires people to aim higher.

The 1-TAKE mixtape is a 16 track one-shot glimpse into the life and times of Threat. Lyrically, Threat’s definition of rap music explores unknown territory in hip hop. Composed of all true accounts, The 1-TAKE mixtape was recorded in one 4-hour studio session at Tony Grandson Productions studio in Miami, Fl. This mixtape recording party was a live event in which over 50 special guests witnessed as Threat recorded the 1-TAKE project in its entirety from start to finish.


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