Murda Mook Returns To URLTV NOW After Eight Years Vs. Tay Roc

The longest layover in SMACK/URLTV battle rap history will finally come to an end this weekend. Murda Mook is back on the main stage for the first time for a full solo battle since he convincingly beat Iron Solomon at Summer Madness 2 in August 2012 in NYC 5-0 in a one-sided, extended manner that largely failed to live up to the hype at the time. This time Murda Mook will face the formidable Tay Roc, arguably still the face of and battle rap worldwide. In the lead up to tonight’s mega battle, there are also three strong undercard battles;

Danny Myers vs. Jerry Wess

B Dot vs. Holmzie Da God

Loso vs. Emerson Kennedy

While Mook made an infamous and ultimately very short comeback with Detroit’s Calicoe last September on a failed 2 on 2 battle versus T-Top and Brizz Rawsteen on SMACK/URLTV, fans have been waiting for a full Mook battle since. With the Brizz Rawsteen vs. Murda Mook battle falling through after being announced, this Tay Roc battle has a lot of history to it and promises to be a heavy grudge match – watch the two below face-off videos below.

With Mook back in a small room setting via Caffeine due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, this intimate setting is sure to be a challenge for the tried and tested Tay Roc – coming off a strong performance against Daylyt recently. With Mook sure to get personal at an aggressive Tay Roc, this battle promises to be the battle of the year and means a lot for both of their legacies. A win for Mook will see him remain on top of the mountain with Lux and open the door up for a bunch of highly anticipated battles with the likes of K-Shine, a choke prone Tsu Surf, Cassidy, Daylyt plus more. On the other hand, a win for Tay Roc against one of the widely considered GOATs of battle rap in a small room setting will also push Tay Roc to potential future battles with Loaded Lux, Cassidy and a full T-Rex three round battle. Tune in to URLTV via Caffeine tonight now Saturday 31 October to watch the battle stream live, direct and free. Promises to be an epic encounter.

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