KRS-One Responds To Afrika Bambaataa Molestation Accusations, “Just Keep It Hip Hop”

In a recent audio interview KRS-One get’s questioned about his thoughts on the Afrika Bambaataa sexual abuse accusations, he immediately stated that personally he doesnt give a damn. He also said Hip-Hop as a music genre is not over and Afrika Bambaataa’s history will not be erased at all.

First of all, controversy is not truth, what you want is truth right now. But truth is also not information. It’s not gossip. It’s not even conversation. – KRS ONE

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One Comment

  1. KRS is a fucking idiot. If he really doesn’t care about Bam molesting kids, then let Bam baby sit his son. I’m tired of this Hip Hop as a religion bullshit. If the icons in Hip Hop are molesting kids, then FUCK THEM TOO!!!