Q&A With NorCal Underground Hip Hop Artist Mr. B

Congratulations on your latest album release “My Testimony”. What motivated you to create this style of music. And how did you come up with your MC name Mr. B?

Thanks for the congrats. My biggest motivators are artistic and personal growth – they’re my music’s driving force. When young, I was profane and rapped about clubbing and whiling out. My outlook and rap content have matured since becoming older and married with children.

Creating Mr. B was part of my ’emcee evolution’. I taught Kindergarten through 12th grade, and my students gave me the nickname Mr. B. My class curriculums included ‘math-rap’ songs to get kids excited about math. While playing these songs I thought: “This is wack, I can make dope rap songs for my students.” That’s how I started recording songs as Mr. B.

How is the underground sound out in NorCal right now?

It’s dope! NorCal influenced Hip Hop’s Underground/Independent movement early on with its raw content and banging beats. While NorCal’s underground sound has changed over time, I like that it stays true to its roots with that raw sound and rebellious energy.

How are you dealing with this whole nationwide lockdown due to Covid-19 Corona Virus? Has this effected your music career in any way?

I’m doing my best to maintain and stay healthy in the madness. A benefit as a working parent is that I’m ordered to work at home, which gives me more family time. The stay home order has not impacted my ability to make music.

Who are your biggest underground influences?

EPMD, Gangstarr (RIP Guru), Ice Cube, Too $hort, Royce Da 5’9, Philthy Rich and Larry June.

You recently dropped a new album “My Testimony” across all streaming platforms! Please give us some background on that project!?

This album reflects my evolution as an emcee. Mr. B started when I was an educator, so I rapped from the perspective of a teacher ‘dropping game’ on the youth. “My Testimony” is personal and I hope it resonates with people on a more human-type level.

How does social media play a role on pushing Mr. B music?

Social media is EVERYTING! Putting out music was expensive and timely before social media; now it’s inexpensive with limitless reach. I probably would have stopped rapping if not for social media love and love received.

What are a few different moves your making for 2020 when it comes to your music career?

Expanding my social media presence and making my best Hip Hop.

Our most popular question….What is your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”?

Hip Hop that has not reached the mainstream. It’s not necessarily about the music sound or artist’s quality. For instance, Drake is a mainstream Hip Hop artist because his music reaches the masses. If Drake’s music didn’t reach the masses, then it would be Underground Hip Hop. But Drake’s music is dope either way.

Where can our BLOG audience find your music and follow you on social media?

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrbreality

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mrbgotflows

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mrbgotflows

Bandcamp: https://mrbmusic.bandcamp.com

Any Shout Outs?

Thanks to UndergroundHipHopBLOG.com for the good look; stay safe everyone!

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