Q&A With Rising Underground Hip Hop Artist Sullee J

We are extremely excited to have featured your latest album “Spear”, being an artist we never of heard before this, please tell us who is Sullee Justice? How did your Hip Hop brand come about?

Sullee Justice was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He has amassed a global following with his lyrical, captivating positive sound of Hip Hop. Sullee J stands for Society’s Undisputed Liberating Lyricist Expressing & Exemplifying Justice. My brand came out with the intention to change the world one rhyme at a time. Spear is an album composed of my heart and soul. It has been over a decade, and I don’t regret one day of it.

We notice your style is super original and very creative. Let us know how your style if different than all the rap artists out there!

I’m always creating different flows and rhythms in my head all day long. Anywhere I go, any experience I go through, or people I’m around, any conversation I have, it turns to rhymes for me. I never copied any other artist’s sound or delivery. I feel like I can never run out of words. I’ve been gifted to touch so many different souls around the world, and I feel like my words allow me to continue doing that. My style is original because it is based off of my experiences, and my life. My music is me, it embodies my entire element. It’s different because it makes a difference.

ROLLING LOUD!!! Seems to be the one Festival all artists want to be a part of!! Any plans on getting on a festival on that scale? Are you touring this 2019 year?

I will be touring, and we are currently setting up dates toward the end of the year. I’m currently shooting the rest of the music videos for my album “Spear,” and shortly after I’m done the visuals, I will begin going state to state and performing. Most likely will start in Chicago, IL or Detroit, MI.

Let us know about the creative process behind your new album “Spear”, and plans on shooting videos for any of the tracks?

Find beat. Record. Release. For years, this routine has been on repeat. Moving from state to state, job to job, and in the midst trying to complete one of the greatest projects, it’s been like a love-hate relationship. I’ve felt like quitting every time I’d turn on the radio. Then I’d get messages from fans across the world telling me how I’ve changed their lives and my inspiration would spark again. I’ve recorded over 100 songs and at one point all of them were tracks I considered perfect. I had to listen to each one multiple times, and finally came down to a select few. The funny thing is, I’ve never went back and changed a song after I had it mixed and mastered. SPEAR is a very special project, from the cover to every song. The cover was purposely made abstract, giving it a variation of perspective. Every song contains a piece of my spirit. Whether I speak on relationships, friendships, politics, God, and just different scenarios, it’s all me. Every song holds a truth about me. I don’t fabricate my music like most artist you listen to now days, because music to me is about originality. It is my gravity. Spear is my reality. The album has features from artist such as, Shady Records KXNG Crooked, and Beast 1333.

Engineers: Matt Bittman and Michael Seger

Producers: Dansonn Beats, J-Wiz, Jordan Moseley, Anno Domini Beats, Raffaele Merighi, Lezter, MannyMade, Tozu Productions, Boyfifty, Chris Wheeler, RedhookNoodles, Jurrivh, Syndrome

When are you planning on dropping another project in 2019?

It is funny you ask this, I have already started a mixtape, as well as have one track for my next album. I don’t know when that album will be released, although I know this track is great enough to be on it. The mixtape will most likely be out this summer. I will probably drop a few mixtapes for fun. Rhymes come to me constantly, so it’s nothing for me to create a track.

Tell us about your first exposure to music that you can remember?

The first time that I remember hearing a record was probably elementary school. Way back, One of my first songs that I ever heard was by, Easy E (Real Muthaphuckkin G’s). That’s why I am inspired by the west coast too. I grew up listening to, NWA and Wu-Tang a lot. Total opposite of what the radio sounds like now days.

What was the first track you ever recorded and describe the experience?

If we’re talking before I got serious, it was in senior year of high school. I still remember hitting a random studio in someone’s house in Baltimore, it felt crazy. It was just something different. This was almost 13-14 years ago. Another point to make is, now days in my culture, it’s still not widely accepted, although there are many artists trying to pursue rap and hip hop as a lifestyle. Back then, it felt like there was about 5-10 of us all around. It was something new to me. I’ve always loved the hip hop scene growing up, but it’s a whole different love when you become the hip hop scene.

How does social media play a role in your success? How are fans/supporters helping your movement?

Instagram/sulleejustice, twitter/sulleejustice, snapchat/sulleej, facebook/sulleejmusic, etc., These outlets are phenomenal when it comes to promotion. They are almost like our own blogs with followers who are tuned into just what I create. My lfie, my motion, my dreams, these outlets allow me to speak into existence and share with the world how I feel. They have tremendously helped my music spread across the world. Especially outlets like Spotify, Pandora, my music has been added to so many playlists in the last year that I receive messages constantly from people across the world. Every time I get a message telling me how my words changed someone’s life or helped get them through a tough time, it’s like entering a state of euphoria.

With this being an underground hip hop site, we always ask this important question. What is your definition of “underground hip hop”? Underrated excellence.

Where can people find you on the Internet? Drop all the vital links.
www.instagram.com/sulleejustice, www.facebook.com/sulleejmusic, www.twitter.com/sulleejustice, www.officialsulleej.com

Lastly, and shout out? I dislike the fact that this question may leave out someone who I respect or who respects me, so I’ll keep it simple and say much love and respect to all those who know we speak around the clock, and to all those who constantly support what I stand for.

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