Bu$hLeagueFYG (New Jersey/Harlem, NY) – “BLUEBERRY CIGARS” InfiniteWill X Lefthand (Official Music Video)


Bu$hLeagueFYG (BLFYG) is a rap hip hop group composed of 5 young lyrical MC’s. 90’s babies with rugged flows which has often been compared to the roots of hip hop. More than rap, we also represents a lifestyle full of Afros, Vans, long-boarding, positive vibes, and most of all MUSIC. BLFYG’s mission to spread authentic memorable music throughout the world! We appreciate the love. Bless…From yours truly: Wan2times, Walo, CoCheese, InfiniteWill and Lefthand. ….Jersey!!! “Keep it raw, we was born in 9d4”




MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.datpiff.com/Wan2timesLefthand-COLOURS-mixtape.528574.html


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