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Mike Askew, a.k.a. SkyWalker, is a 23 year old Hip Hop artist born in Manhattan, New York but raised in Central Arkansas.   SkyWalker has been performing live on stage in front of various crowds since 2004, but has been rapping since the age of 10. SkyWalker is known for many things lyrically from speaking on his life endeavors to the typical hip hop brag-audacious rap, but with every word he says the audience is guaranteed to feel the love, pain, and passion he has for music.

Matthew Holbrook, a.k.a. HollyWood Jr., is a 22 year old Hip Hop artist born and raised in Central Arkansas.  HollyWood has always been a poet; and writing hip hop poems and rhymes since his adolescent years.  HollyWood’s delivery is very intellectual, lyrical, and will intrigue any listeners mind to indulge in the music.

Hi-Def brings a different flavor that some say have been missing from hip hop for a while.  With the two different and unique deliveries the duo bring to the table; when blended together the outcome is harmonic and very ecliptic.

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