Davin Marco & Apoch – Q&A Interview


Props on the whole Bay Area movement you guys are creating.  Tell us about yourselves. How did Ghost City come about? 

First off, we want to thank UGHH for believing in our sound!

Davin: “My name is Davin Marco and I’m from Mountain View, CA. Producer ‘Fantom’ and I met in 2011 at UC Berkeley. We both shared the same passion for art and most importantly, music. One night we were extemporaneously making a song for a party (an unreleased track called ‘Kastles’). The great reception from the audience sparked the idea that we should make an album.”

Apoch: “My name is Apoch and I’m from Sunnyvale, CA. My cousin Davin called me one day, asking if I was still making music and I said I had been writing songs. He told me that he had a producer that he needed to meet. The first day we all met, we clicked, the vibe was there, and we banged out ‘candles,’ our first single ever in one studio session!”

What Bay area Hip Hop influences can you guys credit for your music?

Davin & Apoch: “R.I.P. The Jacka, shout out to the M.O.B. Figaz, E-40, Andre Nickatina, Too Short, Keak da Sneak, The Pack, Living Legends and most importantly Mac Motherf**ing Dre!”

Props on the new project, “Era Of The Ghost”. How did the project come about? Production credits?

Davin & Apoch: “All production credits go to Fantom; he is a self-taught musical genius. After making ‘Candles’, we made a truce, our sounds matched and we decided to put a project together. The album was a long process of creating and exploring sounds, feeling different vibes, and trying to make a unique and diverse project. You can hear all kinds of influences throughout and that’s what we wanted to showcase with our first project.”

We notice your guys’ push with the hit single “Candles”.  Who produced that?  Tell us some of the feedback fans have hit you guys with.

Davin & Apoch: “Fantom produced ‘Candles’ it was actually the first song we ever did together. The feedback was great and overwhelming. We put out an old school R&B vibe that must of hit a nostalgic note with the millennials that vibe with the classic 90’s sounds. Both guys and girls alike are able to relate to our lyrics.”

Any future projects in the works, group or solo wise?

Davin & Apoch: “Apoch has a solo album in the works and Davin Marco has some singles on deck with an album not too far behind. Ghost City has a second album in the pipeline coming soon so stay tuned! The second album will have a more sophisticated feeling while maintaining the up-tempo/party spirit that has always influenced us!”

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future? (Artists or Producers)

Davin: “As far as producers go, we are happy with Fantom and his producing skills. He is a big part of our sound so to deviate too far away from that would ultimately take away the edge in the sound we’re trying to create, however we would love to collaborate with some big time producers in the future. Guys like Metro Boomin, Mike Will Made-It, Noah “40” Shebib, and dance producers like Diplo, Skrillex, DJ Snake that are creating the sound of the future. As far as artists go, guys like Muchacho Major, HBK, Suzy, Nef the Pharoah, Party Next Door, Marc E. Bassey, Bryson Tiller.

Apoch: “Nipsy Hussle, Big K.R.I.T., Andre Nickatina.”

As far as events, any future shows, or tours?

Davin & Apoch: “As of right now we’re sticking to our grind, creating our craft, and trying to get our sounds out there for the people to enjoy. We are in the process of getting some shows together so stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated!”

What you guys do on your off time besides making dope Hip Hop?

Davin: “We are both spiritual individuals. I like to meditate, constantly dance, study music, find new artists and sounds, see what’s trending on different blogs, and most importantly kick it with the homies that inspire me.”

Apoch: “I like to spend time outdoors meditating to get in my zone before writing my lyrics/songs and I’ve also always been into videography and making videos for myself as well as other artists!”

Please drop some links for fans to reach you?

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ghostcitymusic

Instagram: @ghostcitymusic, @davin_marco, @heisapoch

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ghost-City-Music-735540913130246/

Twitter: @ghostcitymusic

Album on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/era-of-the-ghost/id1075743560

Album on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/11nqYyDmo1J4JGmKGi4nBx

Our highlight question, what’s your meaning of “Underground Hip Hop”?  Coming from both of you guys.

Davin & Apoch: “To us, “Underground Hip-Hop” consists of talented individuals who haven’t been recognized in the main stream yet for their craft. These artists can connect with the audience through relatable life experiences and by being humble and modest while doing what they’re passionate about. It’s important to promote a culture of underground hip-hop as it highlights the passion that goes into the music making process.”

Lastly, any last minute shout outs?

Davin & Apoch: “Shout out to Fantom and the opportunity to make music in general, family and friends who have supported us since day one, everyone who has been rocking with us and putting us on the map. Without all you guys we couldn’t make this dream happen!”


-Ghost City Music

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