Zach Farlow (Nashville, TN) – Black Diamond (Official Music Video)


Born on July 9, 1992 in Nashville, TN Zach Farlow grew up throughout middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky.  He spent much of his childhood running through the woods of Tennessee and escaping to his favorite place on earth, the basketball court. Zach was introduced to music at an early age with a rich family history of talented musicians.  He touched on this talent as a child but after his parents separated, his life became a game of survival for Zach, moving often and much of the time being forced to take care of himself and his brother.  He turned to sports, music and friends as an escape. His interest in music peaked when he was 18 after a tragic accident, which almost took his life.  While breaking up an attempted robbery Zach was stabbed, causing an emergency life flight from Kentucky to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, TN where he needed 42 staples to reseal major arteries in his stomach.

During his recovery he turned to music and began spending more time writing and playing music. His music had a fresh new sound that sometimes reflected his pain of childhood and sometimes reflected his dreams.  One day he shared some of his songs with his Uncle Frank Mucerino who heard something big and exciting in young Zach’s writing and sound.  Frank not only encouraged Zach but he bought him tools he needed to improve and build on his talent.  He began looking for a studio to help Zach record some of his music and ended up acquiring the iconic DARP Studios in Atlanta.  Urban Angels Music Group was formed and Zach became the flagship artist in early 2013 and began travelling to Atlanta on weekends to work in the studio.  It was clear to see that Zach possessed a special talent for writing and singing as well as rapping and Zach began developing a new sound incorporating these talents into his music.

Zach moved to Atlanta in May of 2013 and began his full time career and is now enjoying working with some of the biggest producers in the business.  Zach dropped Get Rich & Get High on MetroBommin’s 19 mixtape on Oct 7,2013 & Black Diamonds on SouthSides Crazy 8 mixtape on Nov 1, 2013.

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