Mission: Infect Release New EP “arM:Igeddon”, First Project Together in 7 Years (EP Review)

Mission: Infect are an underground collective consisting of Lo Key, Badluck, Dubbs, DurtE, Grewsum, Madd Maxxx, Malaria, Mumm Ra, St. Sinna, Tha Wikid One & Zero. They’ve released 6 full-lengths together in the span of nearly 2 decades including the Chemical Threats tetralogy, XterM:Ination & Asphyxiation with quite a few other members finding success on their own as solo artists in the wicked shit scene. However after 7 years of silence as a unit, the crew are getting back together for their first EP.

“Pathogen” featuring Grewsum, Lo Key, Madd Maxxx & Tha Wikid One is this hardcore trap opener putting their gas masks on whereas “Guns Up” featuring Badluck, Grewsum & Lo Key kinda draws from electronic dance music instrumentally talking about rallying up the soldiers. All 3 emcees stick around for “Old Man Flow” working in kicks & snares to drop battle bars just before “Load ‘Em Up” featuring DurtE, Lo Key, Madd Maxxx & Tha Wikid One finds the quartet over a dark trap beat talking about taking ‘em down.

Badluck, Grewsum & Lo Key get back together for “Get Ya Mask On” returns to the boom bap going door-to-door to get their blast on leading into “Fire Back” featuring Dubbs, Lo Key & Malaria keeps it raw talking about rightfully being veterans decapitating heads again. “Welcome Home” featuring Badluck, Grewsum, Malaria, Mumm Ra, St. Sinna & Zero concludes the EP with everyone over kicks, snares & electronic-toned synths acknowledging that the underground missed them as a unit.

This is the 2nd longest gap between releases for Mission: Infect since Chemical Threats 3 & 4 both came out 8 years after Asphyxiation since everyone’s been focusing on further establishing themselves as solo artists. That said: arM:Igeddon still proves the collective hasn’t gone anywhere after all this time. The production is varied in sound whether it be horrorcore, trap, boom bap, hardcore hip hop or electronica/electronic dance music & everyone sounds happy to be reunited.

Score: 8/10

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